Tech House Vocals

Tech House Vocals –

Chop Shop Samples is back with another vocals pack.
Tech House Vocals

200 Vocal phrases, words, hook, cut and glitch loops, equalized and processed to have the typical Tech and Raw Sound, but perfect for every underground style as deep tech, techno, house and many more.

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Inside the pack you’ll find hypnotic, dark phrases, cuts, hooks and words harmonized and processed for a great impact, to mix with your kick and tech bass for making amazing tracks; rhythms glitch voices for adding a special tech groove to your music.

Then there are 15 drum loops and 15 top loops and all the samples of the demo.

All the voices are key labeled.

All the samples are 125 BPM.

Download contains:

Total Samples:

• 200 Vocal Loops
• 15 Top Loops
• 15 Drum Loops
• 16 Samples from the demo

• Total: 246 x wav 44,1 khz 24bit
• 483,70 MB (unzipped), 379,30 MB (zipped)

*Other genres that this package may be useful in:

• Deep House
• House
• Techno